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Hot Air Balloon


Cappadocia is an ideal place to take a balloon-ride. Having spent a day or so, exploring the area at ground level, it is now time to see it from the air. Even if you dont believe in magic, come and join Dove on a balloon ride. We make an early start to be airborn by first lighet. With the brightness of dawn behind the eastern hills, the valleys are gloomy, the vineyards invisible and Uchisar castle lingers above like a forbidding giant, truncheon in hand, awaiting the rising sun, whose rays now ripple slowly through the valleys. The shadowed folds of tufa brighten to orange, yellow pink and blue. Our balloon enters a neighbouring valley and the doves surprised in their cotes by its passing shadow, decide to make an early start. Get more information about heart of vegas. As we rise the vine plantations become so many green splodges between crenelated walls. These run in all directions, sometimes opening into a clearing which we now recognise as Urgup*43 or Avanos. And you will think to yourself “it is a fairytale landscape” quite forgetting that you do not believe in magic! Balloon rides are run all through the year. Breakfast is served at take-off, and a bottle of champagne awaits you on landing.


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